RezBats training bats are trusted by a number of professional clubs, organizations and everyday ballplayers throughout the country. With our “Patent Pending” (Learn More) process, our trainers are built to withstand rigorous hitting workloads. A number of academies and programs have been using our trainers day in and day out and our bats haven’t skipped a beat. With a number of options to pick from, there is a training tool for every level of hitter. If you don’t see the tool you had in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out (Contact Us) as we specialize in customization. #ExtremelyHardWood

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Custom Pro Series Long Overload Trainer

The R3 long trainer was originally developed for a professional hitting coach and is now an essential training tool for many coaches across the country. The R3 helps develop exceptional strength and “focused” barrel control with this being “highly end-loaded”.


Custom Pro Series Overload Trainer

The overload trainer is built for developing swing speed. Our overload trainer isn’t obnoxiously end loaded and unrealistic. Pair it with the underload trainer and never look back.


Custom Pro Series Underload Trainer

The underlaod trainer focuses on moving fast. Learn how to swing hard while being under control. “Game like” model and not toothpick thin. Pair with the overload trainer to take your game to the next level.


Custom Pro Series Balanced Trainer

With the weight shifted away from the barrel and more into the hands, this balanced trainer is professionally weighted for optimal swing training. Suggested use is tee work, front toss/side toss, etc.


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