This is not your run of the mill “bone rubbed” or “steel hardened” wood bat. Our “Patent Pending” finishing process hardens our bats like never before. #ExtremelyHardWood

Our Professional Series features the finest craftsmanship for our pro players.  Exciting combinations of speed, power, and extremely hardwood, allows our models to be trusted by professionals of all levels.

The Custom Pro Series Option by RezBats give you the ability to create your dream, player-inspired game bat. You have the option to choose your barrel, handle, and logo/trim color. Finish off your design with custom engraved text.


The Signature Series Option by RezBats gives you the ability to feel the difference in swinging the patent pending design that so many wood hitters are adopting to get the competitive advantage.  Available in limited colors.

This series feature overload, underload, and hand training models.  Built for practice, these models concentrate on making you not just a better hitter, but a better hitter with wood.

Celebrates life’s special achievements with a Trophy Series Bat from RezBats! Create your very own trophy/display bat with TWO LINES of custom text to cherish a special day or person! Great gift idea.

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